Tuesday, 23 December 2014

A Video Clip That Caught My Attention

An interesting video clip... 

Hello once again! I'm pretty sure we all enjoy the smell of rain, but most of us do not know why it smells so good. Fret not! I would like to share an interesting video clip I found online with you, which is titled: "Why Does Rain Smell?" It explains to us how rain manages to produce such aroma.

The following is the video clip: 

From this clip, I learnt that..
  • most of rain's scent comes from plants
  • plants would release oils rich in fatty acids when water is scarce due to the fact that it blocks other seeds from sprouting, which reduces competition for water 
  • the oils would then pile up on soil and rocks and get kicked up in the air when rain falls, which explains why the smell is particularly strong if it has not rained in awhile
I hope this video clip was useful to you! Till some other time, goodbye, and have a good day ahead. :D

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